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Sophie’s Revenge


I think that if we’re all honest with ourselves, we can admit that we are in the dark ages of chick flicks.  After all, The Holiday was good…six years ago.  Awhile back I was perusing Netflix when I happened upon an Asian movie called Sophie’s Revenge.  It stars Ziyi Zhang whom you might know as the main girl in Memoirs of a Geisha and Hero.  This was her first comedic role and she absolutely nails it.

The plot arc is somewhat predictable but it’s done so stylishly (think Asian Scott Pilgrim but with a comic book instead of a video game) that it’s a real treat to watch.  Honestly, this movie is worth watching for the costumes and interior decor alone.  Be forewarned: expect some ridiculous slapstick and hijinks which may result in guys liking this movie just as much as the ladies. 

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